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About us

LAKESYS is a pioneer in providing end-to-end transcription service. Since its establishment in 1999,Our mission is to provide transcription services of the highest professional standards utilizing an infrastructure of a brilliant administrative and operational team. We provide each client with a comprehensive landscape of transcription solution focusing on client need and requirements.

TEAM LAKESYS continues to maintain long-term relationships with Clients, provide software customization services, android and iOS based Apps for clinic management to facilitate the operations. Timely technical support and long-term product maintenance help us keep up the accolades from its service user for medical transcription end-to-end service.

Lakesys medical transcribers are indisputably one of the best in the industry. We choose people who display high levels of expertise in English language and give them comprehensive training as per the guidelines and curriculum of American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT).

All our transcribers are familiarized with the healthcare, medical billing, and insurance industries; and oriented on processes, rules and regulations of major insurance carriers and HIPAA compliance. They are also coached in medical terminology, human anatomy, diseases, surgical procedures, and drugs as well as particular transcription-related software to enhance quality and productivity. They undergo continuous training programs to ensure that their knowledge and skills match the latest industry developments.A dedicated Support team with handy remote management and monitoring tools is also provided to ease the maintenance tasks. What's more important is that Lakesys contributes to the complete cycle of transcription with its software applications for different device platforms from dictation recording to report delivery with cutting edge security for PHI’s and has an upper hand as Lakesys takes care of every aspect of end-to-end medical transcription dedicated application team and medical language specialists on board.

Our Services

Lake Systems services hospitals, multi specialty clinics and individual physicians in the US and Australia. Lakesys uses top-of-the-line technology and facilities to provide end-to-end solutions in medical transcription and healthcare management

As a HIPAA and APP(australian Privacy Policy) compliant organisations, we settle for nothing less than excellence in everything we do.

Software and Apps

We Provide complete end-to-end Transcription solution to Hostpitals, Multi specialty Clinics and individual physicians.We offer the most complete turnkey medical transcription outsourcing solutions and will design applications to suit your needs.

Medical Transcription

Medical transcription team has the wherewithal to provide you with the service that you require within the time frame you need. Experienced medical transcribers allow us to provide cost-effective, high-quality medical transcription in all specialties.

General Transcription

We Provide Legal,Educational reaserch and Telephone conversations transcription service. We're certain that our speed, accuracy, and quality withing turn around time on all jobs will exceed your current arrangements.

Tech Support

Lakesys Provides 24/7 Technical support to clients with the help of excellent Application support and infrustructure support engginieers in-house

Work Culture at lakesys

At Lake Systems, our most valuable asset is our core team of experienced and qualified language specialists, editors, date entry operators, data analysts, and Information Technology professionals. We employ a large number of people in India, in addition to partners in the US and Australia.

The Lakesys team is vibrant. Team members are in the average age group of 25, bursting with high levels of energy and zeal and driven towards surpassing quality and productivity touchstones. Terrific growth opportunities keep them constantly challenged and motivate them to give their best to every assignment.

We choose the most promising professionals in the industry and give them comprehensive training. Even after being inducted into client service functions, team members continue to attend ongoing training programs regularly so that they can upgrade their skills on a regular basis.

Quality Control systems are firmly in place to diligently monitor that quality levels always remain above expectation in terms of accuracy, turnaround time, and privacy. What is perhaps most important is that Lake Systems functions less like a stiff corporate entity, and more like a family where vision and values come together to form a spirit of harmonious collaboration and constructive growth.

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